World’s first traffic speed road marking retroreflectometer designed for remote installation and maintenance

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd have not allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to hold back sales of their innovative front-mounted mobile road marking retroreflectometer. Instead, they have invested in perfecting their technology and processes to enable them to offer remote installation, operator training and maintenance to their global customers.

Already customers from Europe, and as far away as USA & Australia have availed of this exciting development to setup their new mobile retroreflectometer. This enables survey operators to fit the unit onto their survey vehicles and calibrate the system with the support of a remote engineer validating every step of the process.

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd has already transformed retroreflectivity road marking surveys with their RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer system, enabling road condition survey operators to survey a full lane width in one survey pass at normal road traffic speeds. Most systems on the market are side mounted units and can only survey road markings one side of survey vehicle. However, the RetroTek-D surveys road markings on the left and right side of the traffic lane, the road studs, and the critically important central lane markings & symbols. Now this innovative Irish business has taken retroreflectometer installation and maintenance to a whole new level for the road maintenance industry.

Their engineers were determined to simplify the process of installation, calibration & operator training. They started with the shipping protective packaging and identified ways to make the unpacking process easy and provide equipment to enable the unit to be safely raised and secured to the survey vehicle by one person.

The calibration of these precision retroreflectivity measuring systems requires measuring devices to be calibrated on a level surface. The shipping packaging contains specialist equipment to enable survey operators to guarantee the survey vehicle is level to facilitate accurate calibration of the mobile retroreflectometer.

The RetroTek-D system can be accessed remotely using Wi-Fi or cell phone Hotspot allowing remote engineers to monitor the calibration process and confirm the calibration results.

In addition, the team at Reflective Measurement Systems have developed an online training programme supported by training documentation to train & certify survey operators on how to use the system. The support provided also includes a remotely monitored first survey, which helps reinforce the training for operators and provides a further reassuring validation of the test survey results.

“This is a revolutionary development in mobile retroreflectometer installation and training”, said Joe Turley, Chief Executive of Reflective Measurement Systems. “We have had fantastic feedback from customers who were delighted with the simplicity of the process and the speed at which they were able to get survey operators setup and out on the road completing surveys.”

This technology development will also ensure that customers can get remote maintenance checks carried out on their mobile retroreflectometer systems, maximising availability of the systems for road surveys & minimise downtime.

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