Training & Installation Services

Fast-tracking the process to get the RetroTek retroreflectometer fully operational and your survey operators fully trained and certified to use the RetroTek system.

We understand the importance of getting the most out of your investment in our products. Our RetroTek team have developed training services that can be delivered at your premises and remotely to ensure your team get up and running quickly to become confident using our software and systems to collect accurate road asset data.

RetroTek System Operator Training

Our sales support continues when you have placed your order. We can track your delivery and help you to put everything in place to get your new RetroTek retroreflectometer system fully operational. We provide onsite & remote training, guidance, and installation manuals on how to install the system onto your vehicle. We have gone to great lengths to make the installation process as simple as possible. This includes everything from how the system is attached to the vehicle for the first time, right through to the alignment, calibration, and repeatability testing of the installed system. Operators also receive certification to prove they are fully trained in the correct operation of the system.

Our innovative Technical Team have perfected the remote installation and setup process. By combining remote training and remote system access using Wi-Fi or mobile phone we can validate that your system has been installed correctly, fully calibrated, and operational. This includes advising you on how to plan your initial test survey and monitoring the survey to confirm the correct configuration of the system.

RetroTek -D - how to attach it to your vehicle using a front tow hitch

"the best bit of kit"

“When it comes to retro-reflectivity measurement, it’s definitely the best bit of kit out there at the moment. 😃”

ARRB Principal Consultant, ARRB


"It’s amazing what this piece of technology can deliver."

“It is performing a lot better than the previous reflectivity unit we used in the past” “The previous one only collected the center line so capturing the fog line as well is great for our clients.” “a great piece of equipment that I am lucky enough to operate!” “It’s amazing what this piece of technology can deliver.” “I am fortunate enough to be exposed to this technology and am learning so much about it and the benefits of using it.;”

ARRB Operator, ARRB


"The technology can be easily calibrated and operated by a single person."

“The technology allows the surveys to be made across the full lane width making the whole process more cost efficient, as only one pass is required per lane”

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Interested in fast-tracking your new system setup or training & certifying new survey operators?

QuickView-Pro Reporting Software Training

At Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd we have developed the most advanced survey reporting software platform to process road survey data and pinpoint road marking line & center lane marking failures. We can provide your survey operators with comprehensive training on our intuitive QuickView-Pro software system, to ensure you get the most data and value out of every road survey commissioned.

We provide training certificates for every survey operator that competently completes our training course, and we encourage any new operators recruited are fully trained up on our RetroTek systems & QuickView-Pro reporting software. We cover all aspects of using the QuickView-Pro software from Survey data Collection, data Transfer, results Processing and Exporting results, Data Management & Results Visualisation

Training steps:

  1. Prepare for Surveys- system set up & calibration & perform survey
  2. Survey Data Transfer from system to QuickView-Pro
  3. Processing & generating survey results with QuickView-Pro
  4. Visualise the data and set thresholds & grades.
  5. Survey Data output Export options.
Breakdown of the training which will be provided on operating QuickView Pro

Accelerate post survey data processing by training your survey operators

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