Reflective Measurement Systems are proud to announce the successful completion of their Horizon2020 project Dualine in July 2017.

The funding for the DuaLine project was granted under the Horizon2020 Topic: Small business innovation research for Transport, IT-1-2015-1.
“Specific challenge: The European transport sector must have the capacity to deliver the best products and services, in a time and cost efficient manner, in order to preserve its leadership and create new jobs, as well as to tackle the environmental and mobility defies. The role of SMEs to meet these challenges is critical as they are key players in the supply chains. Enhancing the involvement of weaker players in innovation activities as well as facilitating the start-up and emergence of new high-tech SMEs is of paramount importance.”




The validation, certification and industrial testing of advanced road marking retroreflectance (RL) measuring equipment (RetroTek-M) for the global market.

Quotes taken from the EU Commission’s Review Report and Overall Assessment of the DuaLine project.
  • “Project has fully achieved its objectives and milestones.”
  • “Project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact.”
  • “All commercial and scientific/technical objectives achieved.”
  • “Product testing and certification satisfactorily completed.”
  • “No unforeseen risks have been apparent during the course of the project. Technical and certification delays were satisfactorily managed.”
  • “Company has developed an innovative, state of the art technology-based product with worldwide sales potential for use in road marking reflective measurement. This will support EU competitiveness and growth.”
  • “Will enable growth of SMEs utilising this type of highway related technology. Both the technology developer and end users (SMEs involved in highway services and highway authorities) will benefit.”
  • “Significant results linked to dissemination, exploitation and impact potential.”
  • “The expected commercial and technical objective have been achieved in full.”


The DuaLine project addressed the global need to increase the retroreflectivity (RL) of road markings to reduce accident rates. Worldwide studies indicate that improvements to the retroreflectivity (RL) of road markings and signs lead to significant reductions in vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Due to wear and tear the RL of road markings degrade over time and their condition needs to be regularly audited by Road Authorities to ensure compliance with EU and US minimum RL safety standards. Various different methods and systems are currently used to measure the retroreflectivity of road markings. However current single line systems are too slow and expensive to be used as frequently and comprehensively as they should be for best practice.

The DuaLine project provides a solution to this problem.

We have developed a machine vision system, RetroTek-M, which enables the measurement of the retroreflective levels of road markings at twice the efficiency of current single-sides side-mounted mobile methods.

The DuaLine project enables:
  • cost effective enforcement of key EU and US safety standards.
  • stakeholders to monitor and and manage road safety assets with breakthrough levels of productivity.
The successfully completed objectives of the DuaLine project were:

• to optimize the system for international markets.
• to rapidly pilot the systems with key European stakeholders.

RetroTek-M-retroreflectometer attached to car in Netherlands

The RetroTek-M attached to the front of a vehicle

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