Our innovative Mobile Retroreflectometers deliver effective solutions to our valued customers.

In delivering safer transport networks by accurately measuring the retroreflectivity and contrast of markings on roads and runways we are involved with all stakeholders in the transport industry. From government bodies and road/airport authorities to survey contractors and other equipment manufacturers we are keen to collaborate to improve safety and enable authorities to prioritise their budgets to achieve maximum impact.

Road Authorities,
Toll Operators

Road Marking Contractors

Road Survey Contractors

Airport Authorities

Road Condition Equipment Manufacturers

Efficient, safe & easy

50% reduction in survey operator and fuel costs compared to side mounted retroreflectometers.

Customer Referrals & Comments on RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometers

"best bit of kit out there"

“When it comes to retro-reflectivity measurement, it’s definitely the best bit of kit out there at the moment 😃”

Richard Wix, Principal Consultant at ARRB


"technical support is second to none"

“We are delighted with the performance of the RetroTek as it measures the striping on both sides of the lane in one pass without the need to switch the sensor from one side of the vehicle to the other. At the end of surveying, all the data can be quickly prepared & sent to district TX Dot officials, without the need for hours of post-processing.
The RetroTek technical support is second to none.”

Jay Green, veteran retroreflectometer operator, Stripe-A-Zone

"a competitive choice"

“The flexibility of RetroTek has allowed ERC to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by ERA. Its easy setup, ability to measure line retroreflectivity on both sides of a lane and then illustrate these results on the MultiView mapping & video interactive platform, made the RetroTek a competitive choice.”

Mr. Tiit Kaal, Consultant at ERC Consulting Ltd.

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