Safe Roads for Autonomous Vehicles.

Project Stage:

Proposal Active & seeking partners.

Certified measurement of Road Marking visibility to predict the Safe operation of ADAS & Autonomous vehicles.

Are roads in Europe ready for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles?

We propose to complete a pilot study on European roads & measure if existing road markings are adequate for the vision systems currently used in autonomous vehicles.

We will use certified measurement techniques to international quality standards to measure and predict the performance of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. (These measurements cannot be acquired by crowd sourcing as calibrated light sources required).

The objective is to measure the performance characteristics of pavement markings that affect the ability of machine vision systems (ADAS) in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles to recognise/read road markings and looking at the safety issues in this area and to determine how current ADAS machine vision systems and autonomous vehicles monitor and classify road markings.


ADAS machine vision technologies would be fitted to vehicles with the RetroTek retroreflectometer.

The results from both systems would be correlated providing the following results:

  • Geographical representation of certified measurements and ADAS system performance.

  • Geographical representation in relation to the national road marking standards in the various countries.

  • Summary overview of areas where road marking quality improvement is required.

Current consortium

  • We are experts in developing and building certified road marking measurement systems.

  • Particular experts in Machine vision, calibrated Led Light systems, programming for visual & precision retro-reflectivity measurement.

  • Experienced industrial, electronic & mechanical engineers and software developers (machine vision, GUI design & graphical/spatial information display.

  • Experienced in planning and executing road marking performance surveys.

  • Experienced in displaying and mapping multiple road marking surveys.

  • Experts in automotive vision systems integration.

  • Experienced in Horizon 2020 proposal preparation and project management.

Profile of the Partners sought:

  • Autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

  • Suppliers of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

  • Road asset performance surveyors.

  • Road asset management and mapping software providers.

autonomous car driving into city using road lines

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Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd

RetroTek technology is the new generation of dynamic Retroreflectometers, collecting road marking/striping data across the lane width in one pass. Efficient and safe it Identifies essential maintenance areas on road networks with interactive mapping & video for analysis. Categories roads suitable for safe operation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Evaluated to CEN EN1436 and ASTM E1710.

Joe Turley presented this Horizon2020 proposal at the ETNA2020 Brokerage Event December 2017

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