RON Sims – RetroTek USA Representative

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd is delighted to announce that Ron Sims will be joining the team to promote the RetroTek vehicle mounted pavement marking retroreflectometer, in the USA.

Ron is a roadway safety expert, placing emphasis on pavement markings and application equipment with a background in adhesive and glass beads. Ron has an impressive track record of over 35 years in the roadway safety industry. He has worked as a sales manager covering as many as 17 states; he is a 3 times Salesman of the Year; he has a 15-year tenure on the pavement marking committee of the American Traffic Safety Service Association (ATSSA) and is proud to have served on its National Board of Directors from 2014 to 2017. His passion for road safety makes him ideally suited to embrace new products and concepts and promote them in the roadway safety industry.

Reflective Measurement Systems provides technologies to enable road authorities & road asset maintenance managers to improve road safety and reduce their operating & maintenance costs. They provide more efficient and intelligent visibility measurement systems to assess road marking & sign conditions, essential for the safe operation of vehicles with ADAS & Autonomous vehicles. This innovative Irish company has a proven track record in the road industry and offers global world-class customer support.

The RetroTek-D will be available in the USA in April 2022, is the most advanced vehicle mounted road marking condition assessment technology in the world. Operational day & night, it assesses the day visibility (day contrast) & night visibility (retroreflectivity) of all road markings across the road lane travelled in one pass, including critical central markings plus the absence & presence of pavement markers. The system produces data and results that can be analyzed on an unique data visualization software platform QuickView-Pro.

See the latest Retrotek video for a walkthrough from installation to surveying & outputs here

Ron was educated Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS, where he met his wife and studied Physical Education and Recreation and graduated with a Bachelor of Art Degree in 1979. Ron completedadditional studies at Jackson State University, Jackson, MS. He has lived in Hazlehurst, MS for over 40 years where he has played a key role in the local community, serving on the Hazlehurst City School District Board for five years and as a Hazlehurst City Alderman for 12 years. He is still actively contributing to committees in the Hazlehurst Museum, the Mississippi United Methodist Church and volunteers to help the Hazlehurst High School football and baseball teams.


Retroreflectometer Survey
Road Assets Assesses by RetroTek-D across the width of one lane in one pass at traffic speed, day or night.


Retroreflectometer - RetroTek-D Front View
RetroTek-D Fitted to Front of Vehicle


Ron’s contact details.
Phone: (601) 260-3175

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