It is estimated that by 2025 at least half of the vehicles on Europe’s roads will have some ability to “read” the road ahead. These vehicles will not work if the road markings and lines upon which they rely are not maintained to a high standard. This will place additional pressures on governments and road safety authorities around the world to ensure that the roads they are responsible for are maintained to a high standard.

A recent report by Reuters quoted Tesla CEO Elon Musk who recently called the mundane issue of faded lane marking “crazy” and Volvo’s North American CEO Lex Kressmakers who became angry at a press release for Volvo’s semi-autonomous when the car sporadically refused to drive itself and stated “It can’t find the road markings”, “You need to paint the bloody roads here”.

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in the United Kingdom has begun hearing submissions from government officials and academic specialists on the issue of Autonomous Vehicles.  The RSMA (Road Saftey Marking Association) has already submitted evidence to the enquiry about the current poor standards of road marking and the steps that will be required to ensure that the roads of the future will be ready for driverless cars.  The RSMA have an interesting article on their website about this which can be read HERE.

Another interesting article which covers this subject was published on the 2nd November on the Surveyor Transport Network website and this can be read HERE.