Road Marking Retroreflectivity Surveys for Government Road Authorities

As a manufacturer of road marking retroreflectivity measurement systems we are regularly approached by road authorities to provide road marking retroreflectivity surveys on specific areas of the road network. Providing we have  no customer providing survey services  in that area, we are happy to quote for and undertake this work. Where we have an existing customer operating in that area, we will pass the enquiry to them to deal with.

Our road marking retroreflectivity condition surveys include data gathered on all road markings to the left and right of the survey vehicle (the  lane travelled) including critical central road markings warnings and symbols and also the presence or absence of road markers/reflectors to the left and right of the road lane travelled.

retrotek-d providing road marking retroreflectivity surveys

Our QuickView-Pro survey visualisation software provides full visualisation of the survey results, with comprehensive mapping and colour coding of results to simplify pinpointing areas that fail or are reaching minimum standards for retroreflectivity. It is even possible to view markings that have failed using the recorded GPS tagged video footage results, saving the cost and inconvenience of sending a crew out to inspect the road marking failures. The start & end coordinates of failed areas can be processed & results sent to the necessary engineers/maintenance departments. This assists with identifying & predicting where maintenance of markings is necessary to ensure compliance to maintenance standards.

Road Markings Survey Details Collected

  • Night-time visibility- Retroreflectivity of all road markings
  • Retroreflectivity Right & Left Lane lines and centre lane markings i.e. symbols /arrows etc
  • The absence and presence of RPMs / Reflectors / Markers
  • Each longitudinal line width
  • Day contrast ratio (Weber) when surveyed in daylight.
  • Indicates if single or double lines.
  • Indicates if skip or continuous lines & double line combinations.
  • Indicates marking colour – white / yellow (Orange in development)
  • Individual Retroreflectivity for each line in double lines.
  • Measurements all GPS tagged with map & video images.
  • Road name & number
  • Temperature & humidity
QuickView showing TII Survey of road assets

Our team can assist to assess your survey requirements and determine the optimum routing to gather all the data you require as cost effectively as possible. The results we provide will enable you to plan & predict road maintenance. In addition, we have a strong track record in collaborating with road agencies globally on Research & Development projects to improve the assessment and quality of road pavement markings and assets.

This road marking retroreflectivity surveys service is particularly useful for road authorities – Cities, Districts, Counties & Councils with smaller road networks or with insufficient budget, where it would be difficult to justify the capital cost of purchasing survey equipment to perform surveys on the road network annually.

Discuss your road marking survey requirements with us.

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