Yesterday the RetroTek-M vehicle mounted road marking retroreflectometer was presented at the World Cities Congress Istanbul 2019 13-15th March, “Smart City Technologies of the Future Meet” by the Department of Transport Traffic Directorate on the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stand.

This is the first RetroTek system to be chosen for road marking assessment in Turkey and we look forward to cooperating with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in assessing the condition and night visibility of road markings safely & efficiently.

The Municipality chose the road industry certified RetroTek-M as it is safe for operator/driver and other road users, easy to calibrate and operate and can be fitted to the front of most vehicles. RetroTek-M operates at all traffic speed at night and measures the visibility performance retroreflectivity (RL) of all pavement markings across the full lane width in one pass. It also simultaneously collects the RL values of edge & centre line markings and centre lane markings/symbols including the presence or absence of pavement markers/RPMs.

RetroTek-M is up to 100% more productive than the traditional side-mounted, single-line systems currently available. In Istanbul, road condition assessment surveys must be carried out late at night due to the heavy traffic volumes during the day.

The maintaining of good quality pavement markings is more important than ever in ensuring that vehicles driven by humans and equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and upcoming Autonomous vehicles can operate safely on all road networks. The requirement for quality, reliable and affordable pavement assessment to industry standards has never been greater and the RetroTek technologies are ready to meet that challenge.

Visitors are welcome to view the RetroTek-M at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stand.

Further information available from RetroTek-M web site or email