RetroTek Road Marking Retroreflectometer takes centre stage in ARRB’s iLine Surveys

It is very reassuring when  our customers become keen advocates for our proprietary RetroTek-D front of vehicle mounted road pavement marking retroreflectivity measurement system. ARRB in Australia have seen the value of increasing the efficiency of road marking surveys, by incorporating the RetroTek-D technology into the ARRB iLINE vehicles to survey all line markings including centre road markings across the full width of the lane travelled.  This enables ARRB to measure day contrast and retroreflectivity, day or night, at all legal traffic speeds. It also simultaneously assesses the absence & presence of RPMs (Road reflective studs).

Previous methods using handheld technology to take these readings would require costly lane closures, traffic management & also put road workers at considerable risk and  typically they could  only take sample measurements . Hand-held systems do not generate the same quantity of data measurements compared to the RetroTek-D system that automatically captures multiple measurement data points across all line marking of complete road network.

The addition of the RetroTek-D equipment represents a significant upgrade to ARRB’s survey capability, which previously used a side-mounted measurement system that could only measure the line markings on one side of the survey vehicle in one pass. The RetroTek-D on the iLINE vehicle has addressed a  significant problem in facilitating the measurement of both lane line markings simultaneously but also  records critical  centre road markings/symbols.

An interesting article on the ARRB’s new iLine survey vehicle was published in Roads Online and highlights the value of the service they can now offer to their Road Authority customers in Australia.


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