Single Survey Reporting Software supplied with RetroTek-M and RetroTek-MU

QuickView Features:

  • Individual survey report generation

  • Output as PDF – CSV – KML files

  • Automatic data extraction

  • Set distance interval

  • Set results thresholds

Customer Benefits:

  • Instant report generation, eliminating survey post processing time

  • No expertise required to operate

  • Results threshold flexibility – no need to set before a survey, greatly reducing analysis time.

Standard RetroTek-M and RetroTek-MU survey software runs on Windows

  • Acquires and performs measurement of road assets

  • Collects the data results in excel and csv formats

  • Records HD video images for post analysis

Standard Reporting Software supplied with RetroTek-M and RetroTek-MU

  • Analyses the Data collected

  • Edits and ‘Stiches’ Single-runs for a single roadway

  • Data Presentation and Visualization into a standard Report with summary of results with graphs/3D Bar charts, excel files and presented on Google Earth

  • Maps will display routes colour coded with polylines related to thresholds

  • Linked Video files with corrected chainage end to end

  • Handles data export to various formats i.e.- csv, excel, CAD, & AutoCAD etc.

Screenshots showing options and output available

View a sample “Centre Studs Report”
View a sample “Centre Line RL Report”

Overview of Reporting Software Options Available

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