Reporting software with enhanced interactive map-linked video.

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QuickView Pro Features:

  • Survey video analysis at EN1436 30 meter geometry.
  • Interactive survey map.
  • Survey reprocessing from user defined points.
  • Catalogue multiple surveys from a road network.
  • Easily select and filter surveys based on name, lane or direction.
  • Batch process multiple surveys.
  • Results threshold setting/resetting.
  • Export directly to custom directory structure.

Customer Benefits:

  • Saves time on detailed processing.
  • Batch processing for multiple surveys – complete 100s of surveys and process in a single operation.
  • Instant results and report generation in PDF, CSV, KML, Video and SHP formats.
  • Geotagged video means road sections can be viewed without having to drive to location.
  • Combined reports for all assets, improving survey effectiveness – easy identification of sections where multiple lines and RPMs fail.
  • All surveys on a single platform – easy to find and access different road lane data.
  • No copying and pasting of files to required directory structures – configurable as part of the export process.

Screenshots of QuickView Pro showing options and outputs available

Overview of Reporting Software Options Available

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