QuickView Pro (Cloud)

Cloud-based online instance of QuickView Pro, allowing remote access to the survey data.

Simplifying survey data sharing for surveyors, contractors and road authorities

Our Cloud-based solution for QuickView Pro makes it easier for multiple stakeholders to access and view the results of road marking retroreflectivity surveys with a user-based secure anytime anywhere access. Share individual surveys, batched surveys or entire map surveys between survey companies, road marking contractors or road authorities.

QuickView Pro (Cloud) Features:

  • Data stored in a safe and secure location.
  • Viewed remotely.
  • Secure access.
  • Single user application.
  • Full QuickView Pro features available to users who require a multi-access solution on the cloud.

Customer Benefits:

  • All surveys accessible from any off-site location (subject to Internet access).
  • Customers can select individial surveys from complete survey list and present results instantly.
  • Data managed and stored by 3rd party.

Additional desktop internet based interactive cloud system with graphical mapping/video/report repository tools

  • Interfaces the various maps including linked video data from surveyed routes.
  • Survey data accessible to users who require greater details on a cloud system.
  • Multi User login and Multi User download features.

Screenshots showing options and output available

Quickview Pro Retroreflectometer Software

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Overview of Reporting Software Options Available


Reporting software that produces Pdf reports, KML files and a CSV file for a single survey.

QuickView Pro

Reporting and cataloguing software that allows users to process and catalogue multiple surveys. Incorporates all QuickView features with enhanced interactive map-linked video.

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Mobile Retroflective Measurement Technology

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