Cloud-based online instance of MultiView, allowing remote access to the survey data.

MultiView Cloud Hosting Features:

  • Data stored in safe/secure location

  • Viewed remotely

  • Secure access

  • Single user application

Customer Benefits:

  • All surveys accessed from the one location

  • Customer can select from full survey list & present results instantly

  • Data managed & stored by 3rd party

  • Can be accessed from any location

Additional desktop internet based interactive cloud system with graphical mapping/video/report repository tools

  • Interfaces the various maps including linked video data from surveyed routes

  • Survey data accessible to users who require greater details on a cloud system

  • Has an application programming interface (API) to allow close integration with existing GIS offerings and importable into GIS systems

  • Multi User login and Multi User download features

  • Using AutoCAD and Ordnance survey maps can superimpose data onto the maps and supply both CAD files and PDF files


Overview of Reporting Software Options Available

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