Reporting and Cataloguing Software incorporating QuickViewPro

MultiView Features:

  • Catalogue multiple surveys from a road network

  • Easily select and filter surveys based on name, lane or direction

  • Batch process multiple surveys

  • Results threshold setting/resetting

Customer Benefits:

  • All surveys on one application – saving time loading data & finding Surveys

  • Batch processing for multiple surveys – saving customer processing time

  • Interactive map saving considerable time analysing results

  • Resetting results thresholds allows customer to predict where markings will fail in the near future.

Advanced Analytical Software in addition to RetroTek-QuickView

  • Combines data from multiple runs over the same or different parts of the network and from different type of data collection i.e. markings, studs and barrier reflectors (barrier reflector data from RetroTek-M only).

  • Allows data to be aligned by GPS/Visual features

  • Has tools to assist in route planning and job scheduling

  • Allows for historical review and preventative maintenance scheduling


Overview of Reporting Software Options Available

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