RetroTek – MultiView

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Reporting and Cataloguing Software incorporating QuickViewPro

MultiView Features:

  • Catalogue multiple surveys from a road network

  • Easily select and filter surveys based on name, lane or direction

  • Batch process multiple surveys

  • Results threshold setting/resetting

Customer Benefits:

  • All surveys on one application – saving time loading data & finding Surveys

  • Batch processing for multiple surveys – saving customer processing time

  • Interactive map saving considerable time analysing results

  • Resetting results thresholds allows customer to predict where markings will fail in the near future.

Advanced Analytical Software in addition to RetroTek-QuickView

  • Combines data from multiple runs over the same or different parts of the network and from different type of data collection i.e. markings, studs and barrier reflectors

  • Allows data to be aligned by GPS/Visual features

  • Has tools to assist in route planning and job scheduling

  • Allows for historical review and preventative maintenance scheduling


Overview of Reporting Software Options Available

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