RetroTek-MU (USA System) Retroreflectometer

Reflective Road Asset Measuring Technology which uses a customised continuous LED Projector.

Measures the retroreflective (RL) values of:

  • Road Lines – Striping

  • Road Markings i.e. directional arrows, ghost islands, symbols etc

Measures the presence and absence of:

  • Reflective Pavement Markings (RPMs) / road studs

This video demonstrates the RetroTek-MU

RetroTek-MU (USA System) Retroreflectometer Details

The RetroTek-MU (USA Version) Retroreflectometer

The RetroTek-MU (USA System) Retroreflectometer is designed to be attached to the front of a vehicle. It comprises an enclosure containing cameras, lights, optical and processing equipment and uses a custom designed, constant on (during operation), LED projector.

Machine vision software is used by the RetroTek-MU to locate road markings and reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs in the field of view. The unit is connected by ethernet cable to a laptop within the vehicle.

RetroTek-MU-Green-Light-Unit-Attached to car with brackets

Road Asset recording with the RetroTek-MU

The RetroTek-MU records data in real time and automatically stores it on the PC. The data includes route travelled, retroreflective values (RL), GPS co-ordinates, temperature, humidity, distance, speed, time and presence/absence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs.

Feature buttons on the laptop screen allow the operator to start or stop a survey and to make notes of conditions.

Analysis of complete Road Survey

Outputs from a survey by the RetroTek-MU are available to export to Excel (.csv) and Google Earth™ (.kml) formats for further processing or viewing. Recorded video images are saved for subsequent replay and visual analysis.

Once the system is calibrated, retroreflectivity measurements are reliable with accuracy and repeatability similar to established hand held retroreflectometers.

The operator may customize the averaging distances for retroreflective measurements and set the retroreflective result threshold levels.

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Benefits of the RetroTek-MU (USA System) Retroreflectometer

The RetroTek-MU (USA System) retroreflectometer has many advantages over traditional dynamic “side-mounted single-line” systems.

The RetroTek-MU (USA System) uses a custom designed, constant on (during operation), LED projector.
Acquires retroreflective (RL) data in ‘Real Driving Dry and Wet Conditions” at night.
Acquires the retroreflective values (RL) for single and double, broken and continuous road markings.
Measures simultaneously both sides of the traffic lane.
Measures the absence and presence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs.
Conforms to but not limited to CEN 30 Geometry.
Capable of acquiring retroreflective (RL) measurements at various distances and geometries.

Efficient and Economical

  • Survey time and travel distance halved compared to single-line retroreflectometers

  • Simultaneously measures the performance of:

    • Retroreflectivity of Road Lines/Striping
    • Retroreflectivity of Center Lane Markings, Symbols, Arrows, Chevrons etc
    • Reflective Pavement Markings (RPMs) / road studs
    • Presence & absence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs
  • Easy to operate and minimum training required

  • Not integrated into vehicle and can be fitted to different vehicles.


  • Safer for operator, other road users compared to side mounting

  • Minimum risk of equipment damage with sufficient clearance for kerbs & speed ramps

  • Precision driving in close proximity to road markings & reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs is not required

  • Measurements can be taken at all legal traffic speeds


  • Portable and compact – the front mounted unit contains all data analysis sensors

  • Retroreflective calibration is quick and easy

  • In-Car Laptop-PC with user friendly display and user menu system

  • Minimum post-processing as data processed in Real-Time

  • Minimum cabling with 12v / 24v power lead and Ethernet cable to Laptop

RetroTek-MU: USA – Evaluated to ASTM E1710

Test Reports

The RetroTek-MU (USA System)  Retroreflectometer is calibrated to match the results of handheld retroreflectometers that comply with the following standards.

Measurement Standards

IS EN 1436 European Standard for Road Markings

IS EN 1463 European Standard for Road Studs/Markers

ASTM E1710-11 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Retroreflective Pavement Marking

Materials with CEN-Prescribed Geometry Using a Portable Retroreflectometer.

Manufacturing Standards


UL/IEC/EN/ 60950-1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1: General Requirements.


EN 50371, EN 55022, EN 55024:1998+A1:2001 + A2 2003

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