RetroTek™ – Mobile Retroreflectometer Certified to EN1436

StrausZert e.V. certify the RetroTek-M as a suitable Mobile Pavement Retroreflectometer for measuring the coefficient of retroreflected luminance RL of road markings.

RetroTek-M fitted to vehicle
RetroTek-M surveys full lane width

Dublin, Ireand, March 30, 2016– The RetroTek-M is the first Dual Line mobile retroreflectometer to be certified to EN1436.

With its ability to simultaneously measure the lines on both sides of a lane to EN1436, the RetroTek-M is the most efficient and versatile mobile retroreflectometer systems on the market”, explains Joe Turley CEO of RMS Ltd.

Dr Hans-Hubert Meseberg of StrAus-Zert noted in his assessment report that the RetroTek-M performed within +4.08%/-3.69% of a LTL-XL handheld device. This is well within ± 7.5% demanded by the German Federal Highway Research Institute. In fact, when averaged over all of the samples taken the RetroTek-M reported nearly identical readings to the handheld LTL-XL. Dr Meseberg also observed that the performance of the RetroTek-M was not affected by the velocity at which the measurements were taken at.

Quoting from the report’s conclusion:

“… the RetroTek-M Mobile Pavement Retroreflectometer is … deemed to be well suitable for dynamic measurement of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance RL of road markings according to … European Standard EN1436 and delivers the same results as a portable reflectometer [while being] independent of measuring speed [and] the kind or form of the road marking.”

RMS Ltd. is an Enterprise Ireland and Horizon 2020 supported High Potential Start-up setup to provide competitive high speed machine vision solutions for the road surveying market. Founded in 2013 RMS launched the RetroTek-M in Q3 2015.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 684477.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Joe Turley CEO at +353 1 492 6188 or email at

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