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RetroTek-M Retroreflectometer

Night Operation Worldwide

The RetroTek-M retroreflectometer is one of the first mobile systems capable of measuring the full lane width in a single pass.

Traditional side mounted systems would require two passes, meaning the innovative RetroTek device takes up to 50% less time to complete a road survey, saving up to 50% on fuel costs associated with carrying out road marking surveys.

Front Mounted Retroreflectometer for night use

The RetroTek-M mobile retroreflectometer is specifically designed to measure road markings across the full width of a lane in a single pass at night to minimise disruption to traffic. It records all road markings to the left and right sides of the lane, plus all central markings along with the absence and presence of reflective pavement markings and road studs. The RetroTek-M fixes securely to the front of the survey vehicle, so there are no unsightly or dangerous protrusions from the side of the vehicle. This is safer for both operators and road users when surveys are carried out. The ability to measure all data across the full width of the lane in a single pass ensures the RetroTek-M can complete road marking surveys in half the time it would take a single line side mounted mobile retroreflectometer.

This video demonstrates the RetroTek-M

At night, simultaneously measure the performance of:

  • Retroreflectivity of Road Lines/Striping
  • Retroreflectivity of Centre Lane Markings, Symbols, Arrows, Chevrons etc
  • Reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs
  • Presence & absence of Reflective Pavement Markings (RPMs) / Reflective Studs, RPMs

Key benefits of the RetroTek-M System:

  • Survey cost, time and fuel usage reduced by half
  • Non-permanent fitting to survey vehicle, so device is transferable
  • Safer for operator and other road users due to front mount location
  • Double the ground clearance compared to side mounted systems
  • No precision driving required to remain close to road markings
  • Surveys carried out at regular legal traffic speeds

Interested in doubling your survey capacity at no extra cost?

RetroTek-M Retroreflectometer Details

Front Mounted Mobile Retroreflectometer

The RetroTek-M Retroreflectometer uses the standard front towing hitch to fix to the front of the survey vehicle. This enables the device to be transferred to other vehicles whenever necessary. The unit contains cameras, lights, optical and processing equipment and uses a specially designed, always on (during operation) LED system rather than a traditional laser system which many competitors still utilise. The retroreflectometer typically operates with an accuracy of +/-5% and a repeatability of less than +/-3%, which is equivalent to the accuracy of current handheld and mobile systems.

RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer on Land Rover
RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer Cockpit View

Retroreflectometer Road Marking Surveys

The RetroTek-M captures live data, automatically storing it on the PC. The data includes route travelled, retroreflective values (RL), GPS co-ordinates, temperature, humidity, distance, speed, time and measures the absence and presence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs. The system is capable of measuring up to 6 reflective road assets simultaneously.

The easy-to-use software interface allows surveys to be carried out by a single operator, reducing the costs associated with completing surveys in a time where budget cuts are prevalent.

Mobile Road Survey Reporting

The easy-to-use and powerful Quickview reporting software provides instant reports at the end of each survey. The user friendly interface combines GPS tagged maps, video recordings of all markings and colour coded performance thresholds into a single screen. Reports are available in several GPS tagged formats – csv, kml, she, pdf and video files.

RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer Cockpit View

Our latest model, the RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer combines all the useful features of the RetroTek-M, with the additional capability of operating at both day and night too!

Interested in reducing your survey-related fuel costs by 50%?

Designed to make surveys easy for operators

The RetroTek-M is designed to be portable and compact, with all data sensors contained within the external unit. The sensors are easily calibrated, without the need for the mounted system to be on a level road like many competitor systems require. The easy-to-use software allows surveys to be carried out by single operators safely, with the ability to quickly add notes regarding road conditions throughout the survey. Only a small amount of cabling is required for use, with an Ethernet cable required for connecting the laptop and a 12v/24v power lead.

RetroTek-M (World System) – Evaluated to CEN EN1436 and ASTM E 1710

Test Reports

The RetroTek-M Retroreflectometer is calibrated to match the results of handheld retroreflectometers that comply with the following standards.

Measurement Standards

  • IS EN 1436 European Standard for Road Markings
  • IS EN 1463 European Standard for Road Studs/Markers
  • ASTM E1710 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Retroreflective Pavement Marking
  • Materials with CEN-Prescribed Geometry Using a Portable Retroreflectometer.

Manufacturing Standards

UL/IEC/EN/ 60950-1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1: General Requirements.

EN 50371, EN 55022, EN 55024:1998+A1:2001 + A2 2003

Overview of Reporting Software Options Available


Reporting software that produces Pdf reports, KML files and a CSV file for a single survey.

QuickView Pro

Reporting and cataloguing software that allows users to process and catalogue multiple surveys. Incorporates all QuickView features with enhanced interactive map-linked video.

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Mobile Retroflective Measurement Technology

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