RetroTek Live Interactive Remote Demo

With Covid travel restrictions it was difficult for us at RMS to visit potential clients & provide live RetroTek equipment demonstrations. However, our marketers & engineers have come up with a novel way to provide a Live Interactive Remote Demonstration experience without the need for travel but provide a personal experience as if the client was in the survey vehicle, in Ireland.

RMS Ltd now offer clients & can include their team, their very own private Live Interactive Remote Demonstration. Clients can experience the RetroTek-D vehicle mounted retroreflectometer in action, interact with the driver and take control of its operation during a live survey, all without leaving your office.

How can we do this? Click HERE to make an appointment, our remote team will then send a link to connect to Microsoft Teams and with our vehicle mounted cameras and microphones which will enable you experience an actual live RetroTek-D system & live survey demonstration while continuously interacting voice & video with the driver, allowing for your questions , instructions & general conversation. Also take control of the survey & experience its ease of use, functionality & automatic pavement marking type detection features.

What will you experience? The vehicle set up, calibration procedure, survey set up, perform a live survey on a road, downloading & viewing the survey results & outputs instantly on the QuickView-Pro reporting software platform with enhanced interactive map-linked video.

If this is of interest to you, please click on this YouTube link to view our RetroTek Walkthrough Video to understand the benefits & features of the RetroTek-D retroreflectometer . After viewing the video just imagine yourself walking around the survey vehicle and sitting inside performing the actual survey, all from your office. That is what we promise and all done remotely.

Email info@reflective-systems.com for further information or click HERE to arrange your appointment with our Live Interactive Remote Demonstration Team.


RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer surveys a full lane width


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