Retroreflectometer Innovation: the RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer

Transforming the way you perform road marking condition assessments

In early October, we are participating in the Highways England funded project “Transforming Road Markings” and will be using the RetroTek-D to complete highspeed retroreflectivity condition surveys on designated road sections on Bristol M5, J20 – J18 northbound.

If you are interested in seeing the RetroTek-D in action, we can meet you for a live demonstration of the system in the Bristol area or at your location.

To register for a meeting and live demonstration please complete the form below.


What’s covered in the meeting

Meeting with a live 1-to-1 Demo

The meeting will include a presentation on RetroTek-D and a system demonstration that will last for approximately 60 minutes. We will meet with you at a a location and time of your choice. It will be a completely mobile demo that will take place in the kitted SUV that will be used for surveys.

The demo will include:

  • Introduction to RetroTek-D technology and what makes it innovative compared to traditional dynamic MRU systems
  • Fitting and removal of the system on any vehicle (mobile) using a front tow hitch bar
  • Preparation and calibration of the system – what makes it quick and easy
  • Live survey in the vehicle to show how the system operates and collects data
  • Demo of the data retrieval, real-time processing and presentation
  • Information regarding maintenance and technical support
  • Answer any specific questions

You can also contact Joe Turley directly on:

Phone: + 353 1 254 9261