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RetroTek-MU Mobile Retroreflectometer Unit for Pavement Marking Assessments

Northeast and Southeast USA Roadshow 24th September to 4th October 2019

After our very successful road trips to West Coast USA and Texas, we are planning a new series of demonstration visits across the USA. This Fall, we will be visiting the Northeast and Southeast USA where we will be delighted to meet with you at your premises to demonstrate live the RetroTek MRU RL survey system mounted on a normal rented SUV with its full reporting capabilities.

We will be covering the following states, visiting different cities along the way:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York State
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • West Virginia

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What’s covered in the meeting

Meeting with a live 1-to-1 Demo – Day or Night

The meeting will include a presentation on RetroTek MRU and a system demonstration that will last for approximately 60 minutes. We will meet with you at a a location and time of your choice. It will be a completely mobile demo that will take place in the kitted SUV (rented vehicle) that will be used for surveys.

The demo will include:

  • Introduction to RetroTek MRU technology and what makes it innovative compared to traditional dynamic MRU systems
  • Fitting and removal of the system on any vehicle (mobile)using a front tow hitch bar.
  • Preparation and calibration of the system – what makes it quick and easy
  • If a night demo, includes a Live survey in the vehicle to show how the system operates and collects data
  • If a day time demo, we will present surveys from surrounding area
  • Demo of the data retrieval, real-time processing and presentation
  • Information regarding maintenance and technical support
  • Answer any specific questions
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RetroTek-MU MRU

Transforming the way you perform pavement marking assessments, making the life of the operators easier

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Increased Productivity

  • 100% more productive than all Side-Mounted Dynamic Retroreflectometers.
  • 50% reduction in survey time and travel distance.
  • No traffic management or static work zones necessary

Rich Data Output

  • Data assessment includes retroreflectivity, contrast, line width, lane width, GPS location, RPM/Markers present/absence, Video and color thresholds on maps.
  • File formats – CSV,, PDF, KML and video.

Advanced Technology

  • Assesses edge, center lines and center lane markings /symbols in one pass.
  • Simultaneously assesses the absence and presence of RPMs / Markers.
  • All markings continuously assessed and measured.
  • Automatic marking tracking software to comply with 30-Meter geometry.
  • Distinguish between white/yellow, skip/continuous, single/double line markings.

Certified System

  • Independently certified as accurate as Hand-Held Retroreflectometers
  • Independently certified to CEN E 1436 & ASTM E 1710

Safe to Use

  • Not necessary to move sensor from side to side of vehicle for edge & center lines.
  • Only normal lane driving behavior required.
  • No requirement for operator to be outside the vehicle at risk from traffic.
  • Auto monitoring and tracking the markings allowing the driver concentrate on the road
  • Front fitting & Good road clearance reduces risk of damage to equipment & 3rd parties.

Easy to Operate

  • No cleaning /replacing sensors due to debris thrown up from vehicle front wheels.
  • Quick fit to the front of vehicles using a standard 2” square front tow hitch bar.
  • Easy and quick to calibrate and operate with supplied laptop.

Quick Reporting

  • Instant survey results. Batch processing of surveys reduces post processing data.
  • Comprehensive interactive reporting software with video for post analysis.
  • Quick and easy data storage and retrieval using USB.

Low Maintenance

  • Remote Dial-in and on-site maintenance minimizing the need to ship to factory.
  • Minimal maintenance required as few moving parts.
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You can also contact Joe Turley directly on:

Phone: (469) 619-0899