RetroTek-MU Mobile Retroreflectometer Unit for Pavement Marking Assessments

West Coast Roadshow  1st to 15th August 2019

After our very successful road trip to Texas, we are planning a series of demonstration visits across the USA. This August, we will be on the West Coast where we will be delighted to meet with you at your premises to demonstrate live the RetroTek MRU RL survey system mounted on a normal rented SUV with its full reporting capabilities.

We will be covering the states of California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon, visiting different cities along the way.

RetroTek-MU MRU

Transforming the way you perform pavement marking assessments, making the life of the operators easier

This mobile front mounted innovative system provides at least 50% cost saving and:

  • As accurate as Hand-Held Retroreflectometers
  • Ability to measure both sides of the lane simultaneously as well as the center lane markings, symbols, arrows, chevrons, etc. while driving at normal highway speeds
  • Better economy and efficiency with survey time and travel distance halved
  • Greater safety for operator and road user
  • Only requires one operator as the software tracks the lines and adjusts automatically
  • Faster results with real-time data processing – don’t need to spend hours creating reports
  • Quick calibration, fitting & removal from vehicle to vehicle
  • Remote and on-site maintenance minimising the need to ship to factory.
  • ASTM E1710-11 & CEN 30M certified system

Whether you have a handheld or a side-mounted retroreflectometer system, our front mounted RetroTek MRU offers better economic, operational and safety benefits for your pavement marking assessments.

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What’s included in the Demo

Live 1-to-1 Demo – Day or Night

The presentation including a system demonstration will last for approximately 60 minutes. We will meet with you at a a location and time of your choice. It is a completely mobile demo that will take place in the kitted SUV (rented vehicle) that will be used for surveys.

The demo will include:

  • Introduction to RetroTek MRU technology and what makes it innovative compared to traditional dynamic MRU systems
  • Fitting and removal of the system on any vehicle (mobile)using a front tow hitch bar.
  • Preparation and calibration of the system – what makes it quick and easy
  • If a night demo, includes a Live survey in the vehicle to show how the system operates and collects data
  • If a day time demo, we will present surveys from surrounding area
  • Demo of the data retrieval, real-time processing and presentation
  • Information regarding maintenance and technical support
  • Answer any specific questions

To register your interest in a demonstration, please complete the form below.

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We will be demonstrating the RetroTek MRU in other states later on this year. Please let us know your preferred location.


You can also contact Joe Turley directly on:

Phone: (469) 619-0899