RetroTek-D, Pavement Markings Vehicle Mounted Retroreflectometer measures night retroreflectivity and day contrast

Pavement Markings Vehicle Mounted Retroreflectometer

NEW Available Q2. 2020

Day & Night – One Pass – Traffic Speed – Full Lane Width – Markings & RRPMs
Measures Night Retroreflectivity and Day Contrast

The NEW RetroTek-D vehicle mounted retroreflectometer is the safe and easy solution for day or night retroreflectivity assessment.

Operational Day or Night. Simultaneously assess the retroreflectivity, day contrast and presence & absence of pavement markings across the full width of a driven lane at any traffic speed in one pass and with no lane closures. Conforms to 30 Meter geometry and CEN EN 1436 & ASTM E 1710

Measurements include:

  • RL of edge & centre line, lane lines
  • RL of centre lane symbols i.e. arrows , stop lines, pedestrian walkways etc
  • Counting presence and absence of reflective pavement markers (RPMs).
  • Day contrast of markings against road background.

The RetroTek-D is the next generation of vehicle mounted retroreflectometers. Assisting Department of Transports (DOTs), pavement maintenance and marking contractors to monitor pavement marking quality and plan efficient maintenance programs for contractual compliance.

Survey Data: Night retroreflectivity (RL), RL of double lines individually, counts absence & presence of reflective pavement markers (RPMS), marking types (continuous, skip, white or yellow lines, centre lane marking), lane width, GPS coordinates, time, duration, speed, temp & humidity.

Result Formats: Surveys presented on the QuickView-Pro interactive reporting platform. Outputs available include; csv, kml, shp, pdfs, video formats. Results can be mapped using GPS and loadable into GIS systems.


For further information or to register your interest contact:


Phone: USA (469) 619-0899. Rest of World: + 353 1 254 9261

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