RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer
Day & Night Operation Worldwide

The innovative road marking survey mobile retroreflectometer, capable of carrying out full lane width surveys in a single pass, day or night.

The powerful front-mounted RetroTek-D dynamic retroreflectometer combines the latest Machine Vision and LED  projector technology with powerful GPS mapping and video tracking software to transform retroreflectivity road assessment surveys for road maintenance engineers.

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The RetroTek-D (Day & Night survey system)

Innovative Mobile Retroreflectometer

The first commercially available, independently certified 30-meter geometry dynamic mobile retroreflectometer capable of measuring across a full lane width in a single pass (right/left long lines and centre markings) at day or night with the accuracy, reproducibility, and repeatability of hand-held retroreflectometers. Measuring the absence and presence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs. This innovative front mounted retroreflectometer is reducing the time taken to carry out surveys by up to 50%, leading to a 50% reduction in the manpower and fuel costs associated with completing road marking surveys.

Simultaneously measures the performance of:

  • Retroreflectivity of Road Lines/Striping

  • Retroreflectivity of Centre Lane Markings, Symbols, Arrows, Chevrons etc

  • Presence & absence of Reflective Pavement Markings (RPMs) / Reflective Studs, RPMs

  • Daylight Contrast ratio measurements

Key benefits of the RetroTek-D System:

  • Survey cost, time and travel distance reduced by 50%

  • Easy, secure and non-permanent fitting to survey vehicle

  • Safer for operator and other road users due to front mount location

  • Greater ground clearance than side mount systems

  • No precision driving required to remain close to road markings

  • Surveys can be completed at regular road traffic speeds

Interested in doubling your survey capacity at no extra cost?

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Front Mounted Mobile Retroreflectometer

The RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer fixes to the front of the survey vehicle using a standard front tow hitch. So no special for complex vehicle modifications are required for installation. Unlike side-mounted units this front-mounted mobile retroreflectometer does not increase the width of the survey vehicle, and has double the ground clearance of side mounted systems, ensuring plenty of clearance for kerbs/speed bumps. The RetroTek-D unit ensures surveys can be carried out at normal road traffic speeds and with normal driving behaviour, compared to side-mounted units that require precision driving close to the line to accurately measure retroreflectivity.

Mobile Retroreflectometer Road View
RetroTek-D Retroreflectometer Front View

Mobile Retroreflectometer Measurements

The RetroTek-D records data in real time and automatically stores it on the PC. The data includes route travelled, retroreflective values (RL), GPS co-ordinates, temperature, humidity, distance, speed, time and presence/absence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs. The RetroTek-D surveys road traffic markings at legal traffic speeds, eliminating the need for traffic management or road closures, and can assess up to 6 reflective road assets in one pass.

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Mobile Road Survey Reporting

The easy-to-use and powerful Quickview reporting software provides instant reports at the end of each survey. The user friendly interface combines GPS tagged maps, video recordings of all markings and colour coded performance thresholds into a single screen. Reports are available in several GPS tagged formats – csv, kml, she, pdf and video files.

RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer Cockpit View
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Designed to make surveys easy for operators

The RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer aims to make completing road surveys easier for the operator. All data analysis sensors, including the HD camera, are contained within the front mounted unit. Calibration of the unit is quick and easy, and unlike some competitor systems doesn’t require a level surface for calibration to be carried out. The user friendly in-car display allows the operator to quickly control survey recordings safely while driving. The system is able to be used by a single operator. Measurements are processed in real time, reducing the need for manual post-survey processing. The amount of cabling required is minimal, with only a 12v/24v power lead required, along with an Ethernet cable for the laptop.

* RetroTek-D is not currently available in the USA.

RetroTek-D (Day & Night survey system) – Evaluated to CEN EN1436 and ASTM E 1710

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Test Reports

The RetroTek-D Retroreflectometer is calibrated to match the results of handheld retroreflectometers that comply with the following standards.