Retroreflectometer Maintenance and Repair Services

Our Engineering team have gone to great lengths to produce a robust mobile retroreflectometer unit that is sturdy and reliable in service. However we recognise these highly precision measurement devices are exposed to a wide variety of environments and potentially incidents where the unit may become damaged. So if you suspect or discover that your mobile retroreflectometer unit requires a repair, we recommend you avail of our remote retroreflectometer maintenance and repair service and contact them without delay so that our technical team can remotely complete online diagnostics.

To minimise operational down-time & the necessity to return systems to the factory, the remote technical support team can remotely access all RetroTek systems over Wi-Fi or GSM phone Hotspot. RetroTek systems are specifically designed for remote support for efficient after-service maintenance, diagnostics & software updates.


Support Ethos

It is not acceptable to us if a customer cannot use one of our products because of reliability, functionality, hardware, or software issues and we guarantee that all issues/queries will be answered within 24 hours. During office hours we will do our utmost to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. With advance notice, we can have our support team available within 24 hours to assist customers, when requested.

Regular Maintenance Regime

Calibration Object:

There is a possibility that the certified white calibration object could become contaminated or dirty over time. It can be returned to the manufacturer for recalibration or replacement if any visual inspection reveals dirt/damage.  It is recommended that it should be recalibrated or replaced annually. If a damaged or dirty calibration object is used, this could adversely affect system performance & results. During the calibration process, our system will indicate if the calibration object is losing its visual properties due to wear, dirt, or damage.

Glass Lens:

There are no moving parts, so no annual maintenance is necessary other than replacing the camera & light glass covers if broken, pitted  or scratched. We supply a set of spare glass covers with all systems and these are available ex-stock. We recommend that a spare set of lenses are always carried in the vehicle. Broken glass covers are easily replaced without opening the enclosure. The Glass is a High Quality Toughened Anti-Reflective Glass, so no other glass should ever be fitted as it will adversely affect the results.

RetroTek Retroreflectometer Unit:

To keep your mobile retroreflectometer unit performing at its optimum levels we recommend a routine maintenance of the unit after 5,000 hours of operation or every three years, whichever comes first. Our routine maintenance service includes:

  • Visual inspection of the unit
  • Visual inspection of the attachment mechanism
  • Inspection and adjustment of any mechanical parts
  • Full system Diagnostics
  • Inspection and testing of leads and connectors & replaced as required
  • Replacement of all LEDs
  • Inspection and testing of the cameras
  • Inspection of camera & projector lenses
  • Software upgrade when required
  • Calibration, testing repeatability & reproducibility of the system
  • Quotation for any other items that require replacing due to wear & tear and are chargeable to the client
  • Quotation for any hardware & feature upgrades available.

The retroreflectometer Maintenance and Repair Service requires the unit to be returned to our factory where our engineers provide a professional repair service. Any replacement or repair costs associated with physical damage of the unit will be assessed and quoted before any repairs are carried out. Our team will schedule your maintenance and repairs to minimise the downtime and return the unit as soon as possible.

Note: Subject to availability, a RetroTek-D unit may be available to rent during the downtime.

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