We are the developers of RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer Systems

Since January 2013 Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd (RMS), based in Dublin, Ireland, has researched and developed machine vision technologies which address the maintenance and safety needs of road infrastructure and airport stakeholders.

The maintaining of good quality pavement markings is more important than ever in ensuring that vehicles driven by humans and equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and upcoming autonomous vehicles can operate safely on all road networks. The requirement for quality, reliable and affordable pavement assessment to industry standards has never been greater and our RetroTek technologies are ready to meet those challenges.

We provide the next generation of convenient, reliable and economical pavement marking assessment and traffic safety solutions for world markets with tried and tested technical client support. RMS provides the most advanced range of vehicle mounted retroreflectometers for pavement marking quality assessment on the market today.

RMS continues to invest in research and development to design, engineer and produce high quality reliable technologies that add value for our clients globally. Our team approach continuously addresses individual clients’ maintenance and reporting needs and provide innovative, easy to operate and affordable systems which meet those requirements.

RMS technologies are assisting the present and future pavement maintenance requirements of urban/rural road networks, taxiways, runways. The technology is operated by pavement maintenance and striping contractor, PPP’s, toll operators, government and local road authorities, departments of transport (DOTs), airport authorities and pavement assessment surveyors.

RMS keep up to date with pavement assessment requirements and are participants in various projects involving pavement suppliers and transport infrastructure stakeholders. We are also represented at local, national and international pavement and traffic safety committees and attend international trade conferences, seminars and fairs.

RMS Mission Statement

RetroTek Retroreflectometers critical for assessing Road Markings to ensure safe roads for Humans, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Using Road Asset Assessment Technologies to assist road infrastructure stakeholders to understand the interaction of machine vision systems with pavement markings and lines and to implement their greater uniformity and standardised quality to benefit human drivers and enable safe and efficient operations of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and more advanced Driving Automation System (DAS) technologies.

Reflective Measurement Systems are members of the following organisations

RMS are members of CEN

Reflective Measurement Systems and the RetroTek technology is funded by the Irish Government and the Irish National Development Plan through Enterprise Ireland.