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RetroTek Technology

The RetroTek vehicle mounted dynamic retroreflectometers measure in ‘Real Driving Conditions’ the retroreflectivity (RL) and night-time visibility of Road Lines, Markings and Symbols.

They measure simultaneously the retroreflectivity (RL) of line and road symbol markings across the full width of the traffic lane.
Also measures the absence and presence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs.
Provides technologically advanced, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to the problem of maintaining night visibility on highway networks.
The RetroTek-M retroreflectometer was developed to address the requirements of the global road transport and road maintenance industries. The RetroTek-MU (USA System) retroreflectometer was developed to cater specifically for the US market.

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Features of the RetroTek Technology

Next Generation Technology

  • Measures Retroreflective (RL) values in real driving conditions

  • Ability to measuring RL values at various distances and geometries

  • Measures both sides and center of the traffic lane simultaneously

  • Measures road markings (lines) and studs (RRPMs) in a single pass

  • Surveys shapes, single, double, broken and continuous road markings

  • Records the presence and absence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs

  • Survey result outputs produced in real-time

  • Instant survey results available

  • Surveys at all traffic speeds

Efficient,  Safe and Easy to Operate

  • Precision driving skills and specialist operator not required

  • Surveys conducted by a single driver/operator

  • Minimum post-processing as data processed in real-time

  • Up to half the survey distances/time travelled compared to side-line systems

  • Not a safety hazard for operator and other road users as fitted to vehicle front

  • Results exportable in Excel (.csv) and Google Earth (.kml) formats

  • Video provided for visual analysis with GPS ref

  • User friendly, easy to calibrate and operate

  • Portable, can be fitted to the front of most vehicles

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Customer Referrals & Comments on RetroTek-M

“We were very satisfied with the survey results and impressed with the RL accuracy of the RetroTek-M and the ability to detect the reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs to within 3% accuracy over 1km.  This information was very helpful in assisting our maintenance department to prioritise maintenance of road markings and reflective pavement markings / road studs where most needed and plan future maintenance schedules.”

Andrew Elliot, Network Manager, M50 Concessions Ltd.

“The flexibility of the RetroTek-M has allowed Northern Road Markings to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by Transort Infrastructure Ireland, its ease of setup, its ability to measure line retroreflectivity, the presence/absence of barrier reflectors and reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs on both sides of a lane as well as providing a platform to capture junction condition makes the RetroTek-M a competitive choice.”

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) were very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek-OnLineView software software with interactive data base and video analysis. The timescale was tight (12 weeks) and delivery was enabled by the efficiency of the RetroTek-M system.”

Mr. Conor Fitzgerald, Senior Network Operations, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

“The flexibility of RetroTek has allowed ERC to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by ERA. Its easy setup, ability to measure line retroreflectivity on both sides of a lane and then illustrate these results on the MultiView mapping & video interactive platform, made the RetroTek-M a competitive choice”

“ERA was very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek MultiView Cloud software with interactive data base, mapping and video analysis. It gives good overview of results and opportunity very easy to plan further road marking replacement plans.
The timescale was tight and due to weather conditions, it was very hard to keep in timescale. But despite that the delivery was enabled by the efficiency of the contractor ERC Consulting Ltd and RetroTek-M system”.

“the machine is easy to calibrate and easy to use. After the calibration, we performed some test runs after dark the machine performed very well and above expectations. The output is easy to understand and easy to process. The clear training instructions made it very easy to operate the machine.”

“The support from RMS is more than sufficient, they are eager to learn from us and are flexible and willing to adapt to country specific situations.”

F.J. Mekken, Owner Wegdekmeten.nl, Wegdekmeten.nl, kent de weg
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