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Our customers become our greatest advocates.

The RetroTek team that has developed the world’s first 3rd generation RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer system derives enormous satisfaction from seeing and hearing our customers become our greatest advocates.

Back in 2013 the team looked at the solutions that were available to road agencies and survey contractors and concluded that developments in LED lighting and machine vision technologies could deliver superior measurement solutions. The aim was to develop a fully automatic traffic speed  mobile solution that could measure the retroreflectivity of road marking assets across the full lane width travelled at traffic speeds with the same level of accuracy and repeatability as handheld retroreflectometers. Not only that, but the team were keen to simplify surveys and make them more efficient, gathering more data with less survey operator hours, reducing the mileage survey vehicles covered to gather all road data covered and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of surveys. The proprietary QuickView-Pro interactive results software platform considerable reduced any post processing with instant survey results available in various formats.    

With these systems now operating worldwide in North America, UK, Europe and Australasia we are proud of what we have achieved. But we are not complacent. We continue to refine and improve our system to make our customers’ lives easier. Below you will find just a couple of examples of the extent that our customers value and promote our innovative solution as part of their services to their customers.

Thank you iCeste, ARRB (now NTRO) & WJ for your trust & business.
Just click on the images below to see our customers posts and videos.

iCeste RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer
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