Front Mounted Pavement Retroreflectometers safer to operate than Side Mounted Retroreflectometers.

The RetroTek Front Mounted Systems (FMS) are safer for pavement maintenance workers and other road users while road network retroreflectivity condition surveys are being carried out. Before the introduction of the RetroTek Front Mounted System, dynamic, vehicle mounted retroreflectometers were only available as side mounted systems (SMS) which are less efficient and can also pose significant dangers to the driver/operator and other road users.

Some of the reasons why the RetroTek Front Mounted Retroreflectometers are safer to operate than Side Mounted Systems:

  • RetroTek does not require traffic management or road closures to survey centre lane markings.
  • The driver/operator is not distracted by constantly having to monitor the proximity of the measurement sensor head to the line marking.
  • RetroTek requires normal driving. Side Mounted Systems, where driving close to the linemarking is required, increase the risk of sensor damage and impact with other vehicles and road users.
  • RetroTek does not protrude from the side of vehicle.
  • RetroTek surveys across full lane width (left & right lines and center lane markings).  This means that driver/operator spend considerably less time driving on the roads.
  • A higher pavement clearance reduces the likelihood of impact and damage.
  • No necessity to move RetroTek from one side to other of the vehicle to survey edge or centre line markings, reducing setup time & risk when outside the vehicle.
  • RetroTek is easy to remove and fit from vehicle to vehicle so less time is spent outside the vehicle.
  • RetroTek is securely mounted using a standard front receiver hitch bar and does not require less secure suction cups.
  • RetroTek powered directly from the battery with no integration into vehicle’s circuitry.
  • RetroTek does not impact on vehicle safety systems i.e. air bag safety systems.
  • Power to the RetroTek system can be immediately cut by driver/operator if & when required.
  • RetroTek generally not affected by wheel splashback. SMS affected by splash back and debris thrown up from front wheels of SMS vehicle on wet roads.
  • The driver/operator of SMS must clean /replace the sensor head more often putting driver/operator to unnecessary risks when outside the vehicle.
  • RetroTek may be left on the vehicle in-between surveys, whereas SMS’s are generally removed for safely & security reasons.

Side Mounted Retoreflectometer