Final Report – Transforming Road Markings Competition

Final report now available for the National Highways (formerly Highways England) Transforming Road Markings Competition. The competition highlighted the best performing road markings in dry & wet conditions and identifying the best removal systems. Good quality road markings clearly visible day & night , in dry & wet conditions are essential for driver safety but also the safe operation of vehicles with ADAS systems.

This is a fantastic blueprint not just for how National Highways will futureproof & maintain the UK road network going forward but for all other countries & National Road Authorities.

We were delighted to be invited to participate in this project with National Highways, Kier & Roadcare & others and also that our RetroTek retroreflectometer was highlighted as producing results as accurate as hand-held retroreflectometers in measuring both Dry & Wet Retroreflectivity, at traffic speeds.

Noted in the report are other important pavement marking performance characteristics i.e., Qd/β (Day contrast) important for day visibility and also a method to replace the current crude visual assessment inspection method for testing line material & bead coverage (Wear).

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