Autonomous vehicles are on the way and will form a substantial part of the road transport fleet in the next few years. Governments all over the world are getting to grips with all that this will entail, both good and bad, and many are putting together plans and strategies to assist them with making the likely legislative and infrastructural changes that will be be required.

The Department for Transport in the United Kingdom is one such body and they have already launched a consultation paper entitled “Pathway to Driverless Cars: Proposals to support advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicle technologies”. This paper aims to canvas opinions on how to suppport the sale and development of driverless cars in the United Kingdom. It is also looking at how the rules of the road, insurance regluations and the road infrastructure may need to be amended over the next few years to meet these demands.

There was an interesting article on this in the Surveyor Transport Network website published in July of this year.

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