Advising Clients on Road Asset Condition Surveys

Using our detailed technical knowledge and experience to help surveyors and road authorities to make roads safer and reduce maintenance costs.

Our advice is highly valuable in ensuring the most efficient means of capturing road asset data to pinpoint and plan road maintenance. In addition, we have a strong track record in collaborating with road agencies globally on Research & Development projects to improve the assessment and quality of road pavement markings and assets.

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Road Marking Asset Condition Surveys

While road safety has always been the priority for maintaining effective maintenance of road markings, the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has really increased the focus on the quality of road markings. These valuable vehicle safety systems can only be effective where the quality and night visibility (retroreflectivity) and day visibility ( contrast ratio) on road markings is sufficient for the technology to identify the traffic lanes and their markings.

With our advanced knowledge of road markings, gained from developing technology to assess these road assets, we can provide valuable support to Road Agencies & Maintenance Authorities worldwide.


  • We assist road agencies develop Annual Performance Retroreflectivity Surveys and to maximise the survey results with the outputs to efficiently maintain road markings safely & efficiently and build maintenance schedules to maximise budgets.
  • We can help model the cost benefits of road condition surveys in planning maintenance routines. Our team can assist in planning survey routes for maximum road data collection in the most cost-efficient routing using the technology available.
  • We can also provide valuable support in customising reporting software to analyse the road survey data in outputs to prioritise road pavement marking maintenance programmes and get the most out of maintenance budgets.
  • Types of Road Asset Surveys
      • Main Long Lines – the main trunk of the road (5 lanes Eastbound and 4 lanes Westbound)
      • Frontage – Roads – that run (mainly) parallel to the main line (3 lanes in each direction)
      • Bridges – Structures that cross the main line (up to 4 lanes in each direction)
      • Gores – Hatching between on/off ramps (2 surveys in each direction)
      • Ramps – On/off ramps for each junction along the road (2 lanes in each direction)
      • Turning Lanes – each turning lane along the length of the road (2 lanes in each direction)
QuickView showing TII Survey of road assets

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Road Asset Assessment – Research and Development

At Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd we are involved in research and development of road infrastructure, applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Lighting & Optics combined with electronics to solve complex problems.

We openly collaborate Internationally with relevant stakeholders in the industry and Universities to identify key problems. Working with our research partners, we coordinate our collective resources to develop innovative technical solutions to improve road safety and increase the efficiency of road maintenance and surveys.

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