Retroreflectometer Innovation: the RetroTek-D Mobile Retroreflectometer

Our retroreflectometers are transforming road surveys; accurately measuring across the full lane width in a single pass, the retroreflectivity (RL), night-time visibility and day-time contrast ratio of Road Lines, Markings and Symbols at normal traffic speeds, reducing survey times by 50%.

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The Future of Retroreflectometers

Simultaneously measure the retroreflectivity (RL) of line and road symbol markings across the full width of the lane (left and right lines plus all central markings) with our retroreflectometers.
Measure the absence and presence of reflective pavement markers (RPMs) / road studs.
Fast survey processing with powerful software that produces real time results and GPS tagged videos for more efficient reporting.

Find out how much you could save by switching to a RetroTek retroreflectometer!

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Our range of Mobile Retroreflectometers:

Retroreflectometer - RetroTek-D Front View

Day & Night Operation Worldwide

The innovative road marking survey mobile retroreflectometer, capable of carrying out full lane width surveys in a single pass, day or night.

RetroTek-D Full Details
Retroreflectometer - RetroTek-M Front View

Night Operation Worldwide

The RetroTek-M retroreflectometer is one of the first mobile systems capable of measuring the full lane width in a single pass.

RetroTek-M Full Details
Retroreflectometer - RetroTek-MU Front View

Night Operation for the USA

The RetroTek-MU mobile retroreflectometer is one of the first systems available in North America capable of measuring the full lane width in one pass.

RetroTek-MU Full Details

Our RetroTek mobile retroreflectometer systems provide:

Next Generation Retroreflectometer Technology

  • Measure Retroreflective (RL) values in real driving conditions at 30-meter geometry

  • Measure the left, right and centre of the lane in a single pass

  • Measure the absence and presence of Reflective Pavement Markings (RPMs)

  • Surveys at all traffic speeds

  • Survey: marking symbols, single, double, skipped and continuous road line markings

  • Individually identifying yellow & white lines

  • Survey data processed in real-time

  • Instant PDF survey results available

  • Surveys at all traffic speeds

Efficient, Safe and Easy Operation

  • No precision driving skills required

  • Conduct surveys with a single operator/driver

  • Minimum survey results post-processing

  • 50% reduction in survey times and distance driven compared to side mounted retroreflectometers

  • Safer road surveys for operators and road users with front mounted retroreflectometer design – no protrusions

  • Results exportable in PDF, Excel (.csv) and Google Earth (.kml) , SHP & video formats

  • GPS tagged video data for faster analysis

  • User friendly interface and easy to calibrate

  • Retroreflectometer fits to the front of most vehicles and is transferrable

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